As a marketplace using our services/products you are agreeing to abide by our terms and conditions.

  • You will not hold LovelyLust Inc. responsible legally or financially for any action of any 3'rd party
  • Non-deliveries must be approved by Lovely Lust Inc. before giving refunds for insurance purposes
  • Deliveries not received must be approved by Lovely Lust Inc. including a written statement from the customer as approved for insurance purposes
  • You will abide by the same 3'rd party rules and terms as we must abide by. By not abiding by these 3rd party terms, you are equally responsible to any legal or financial penalties in addition as determined by Lovely Lust Inc.
  • All payments are due within 60 days of shipment, no exceptions.
  • Any and all interaction you have with customers must be first approved by Lovely Lust Inc.
  • You must abide to our high standards and honesty when dealing with customers including any types of refunds, rewards or compensation we would normally give our customers.
  • Returns and refunds must be approved with the conditions as provided by Lovely Lust Inc.
  • You agree to abide these Terms & Conditions without exception for as long as you are selling Lovely Lust Inc. products on your marketplace(s).
  • Violation of any of our Terms and Conditions as noted, your Marketplace agrees to be held responsible for any action or penalty as determined by Lovely Lust Inc.


Updated as of April 30, 2022 by Lovely Lust Inc.


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