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Avengers (1963 1st Series) #199
Avengers (1963 1st Series) #199

Avengers (1963 1st Series) #199

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Avengers (1963 1st Series) #199

Condition: VG

Published: Sept 1980

Cover Price: $0.50

Pages: 32

"Last Stand on Long Island" Part 2 of 2. Guest-starring Nick Fury. Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by George Perez. Inks by Dan Green. Cover by George Perez and Terry Austin. Red Ronin's rampage across New York City continues! Now the metal monster is in Queens at the Cross Enterprises facility! Fortunately Cross employs a former ace archer as its security chief! But Hawkeye can't stop the giant robot either! The Avengers' best hope may lie with the Beast and Jocasta who climbed inside Red Ronin's boot last issue! Can the two avengers climb their way through the interior of the robot and disable his command and control center? The hundreds of motorists stranded on the Long Island Expressway...looking up at the massive fist of Red Ronin...sure hope so! Cameo appearance by Dr. Donald Blake. First 50¢ issue. (Note: Red Ronin returns in Solo Avengers 15.)

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